All routes to the European School are shown here: 
Buses 11 to 14, as well as 30 and trams 17 and 18 go to school Mon-Fri once a day for the start of the first lesson. They also return once a day. Mon-Thu around 4pm and Fri around 1pm. The exact times for each stop can be found here: 
Trams 17 and 18 create additional capacity when it is needed, especially in the morning at the start of school, and they connect additional parts of the city to Waldstadt or ESK without changing trams, so that younger pupils who could not yet safely change trains can also make their way to school without parents. However, the main connection between the European School and the city center of Karlsruhe is provided by line 4, which runs from 4 a.m. to shortly after midnight and within this from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m every 10 minutes 

  • Update of the data in the registration system of the transport committee
  • For JRC and ESK seconded teachers: order JugendticketBW by 30th May
  • Cancellation at the end of the school year by 30th May
  • JugendticketBW Start date for tickets with reduced price or support by the city of Karlsruhe: 1 September
Please consider that the JugendticketBW was new in 2023 and the organisation of the introduction required a good deal of improvisation from everyone involved. Dates and deadlines may change in upcoming years.
A valid ticket (single, day etc), registration at and SEPA mandate are necessary to use the school bus till September 10th.
You can buy a ticket using bus/tram ticket machines in the trams or at the bus/tram stops. Or you use KVV online ticket service
Here you can read all about the accompanying persons tasks:
They have no way of disciplining misbehaviour.In extreme cases, the transport committee will exclude a child from the escort service. Accompanying persons have no means of preventing a child from leaving the train at the wrong stop despite repeated instructions. Please instruct your child to cooperate with the accompanying person.
You can register here:
and read all about accompanying service here:​​​

The transport committee has no other relationship with pupils who use the trams but are not registered than with any other passenger on the train. Neither the transport committee nor the secretariats have definite information who uses which tram except for pupils who are registered for transport service on trams (JRC and ESK sec. teachers). While the transport committee will inform the two secretariats about delayed trams, we therefore cannot excuse pupils for being late who are not registered for tram.
  • Join them for the full journey for the first days or weeks, both ways, to school and back home.
  • Put a note with your phone number and address into the school bag of your child.
  • As it has happened before: make up your mind what you want your child to do, if they use the wrong tram  on the way back from school or if they miss the proper alighting stop. For both issues see items below.
  • After the first days or weeks you can still in the afternoons go to the stop before your child would normally alight and get on the tram to pick them up until you are sure they find the right stop on their own. See bekow for a separate item.
  • If you have registered for accompanying service, introduce your child to the accompanying person and tell  them to listen to their advices. You can also send a picture of your child to which will be forwarded to the accompanying person together with information on the stop where they alight.
Most importantly, put a note with your phone number and adress into the school bag of your child.
There is not one single right answer that fits everyone. Here we give information on the tram lines that start at the school. Depending on where you live, which other stops your child may be familiar with (because friends or family live there), prepare a plan what you want your child to do and talk about it with them. It is probably safe to say that you do not want your child to get off the tram at a place unfamiliar to them. Better stay on the tram. (Imagine yourself in the situation andwhat you want to have least.)

Tram 4 is the regular tram that runs each 10 minutes between ESK and Oberreut. Unless a tram has to go to the depot, it will return from Oberreut to ESK and be back around 90 minutes after it has left there. There are map websites where you can follow where trams should be according to their schedule or where they actually are including delays.

Tram 17 leaves once per afternoon towards main station and Weststadt. Last stop is Rheinhafen and it ends its journey in Betriebshof West near the harbor area.

Tram 18 leaves once per afternoon towards Durlach (last stop Turmberg). Sometimes it continues serving as line 8 and then returns to Tullastraße depot (stop Alter Schlachthof / Tullastraße), sometimes it does so directly.
Most importantly, put a note with your phone number and adress into the school bag of your child.
Usually an accompanying person will be in the tram and will contact you (or you can contanct them) via the whatsapp group.
If this is not the case the situation is very similar to the case of your child having picked the wrong tram, except that there are probably still other pupils around who they know. Consider this possibility, andtalk to your child how they should behave in this situation (see item above).
Yes, this is possible.
For the busses: please come to our office and we will give you a signed and stamped permission. Don´t forget to buy a valid ticket (single, day etc) for you.
For the trams (lines 4, 17, and 18): since the beginning of the school year 23/24 tram lines 17 and 18 are public (line 4 is anyway). So you can join your child as often and as long as you want. It is also possible to join you child only for one stop, which may be interesting in the afternoon to pick them up. You need a valid ticket for any of these rides. Interesting to note: if you do not have a season ticket anyway, „only one stop“ rides get much cheaper with the Fairtiq App from KVV.
Please, read the letters carefully and follow the instruction (hold the requested deadline!). Sometimes you will also need a stamp and a signature from school.
Please update your child grade. It is very important for processing fee cancellation on Tram (primary - secondary) and to make the cancellation for the 7th grade.
First, please update online registration form. Second, we will kindly ask you to inform us and KVV ( about it.
Please update your child grade. It is very important for processing fee cancellation on Tram (primary - secondary) and to make the cancellation for the 7th grade.
There are no discounts for the service fee. However, there are some for the transportation ticket.
The city of Karlsruhe funds the JugendticketBW for pupils up to P4 if they live further than 2 km from the school. If this is the case for you, you only need to pay 100 €. For this to be granted you need to get a form stamped from school. For this please contact Mrs Allmann (secretary primary school)
The city of Karlsruhe also pays the full fee for each child beyond the second who attend a school in the same school year. This as well needs a confirmation from the school. Please contact either primary o secondary secretary Mrs Allmann or Mrs Wähling.

Start with tram line 4 at ESK, then change at stop Karl-Wilhelm-Platz to tram line 3. Karl-Wilhelm-Platz stop has a simple and as safe as it can be layout. No other lines than 3 and 4 stop there. 3 and 4 usually arrive alternating. From Karl-Wilhelm-Platz line 3 follows the same route as line 17. Also, Karl-Wilhelm-Platz is relatively busy and surrounded by housing with many windows from where occupants could witness illegal activities. Hence, it is a bad spot for people who mean ill.
ScoolCard hasbeen replaced with JugendticketBW. This means:
the price has reduced from 520 to 365 € per year.
Regional validity has increased from KVV (Karlsruhe region) to all of Baden-Württemberg plus KVV zone in Rheinland-Pfalz.
The ticket is in general not related to attending a school anymore. The link to a certain school is made only if a discount applies.
Note that the government of Baden-Württemberg has decided to upgrade JugendticketBW to Deutschlandticket without additional fees at the end of 2023. The ticket will then be valid throughout Germany.
School trams have been made public and have been reduced from 3 to 2 lines with the beginning of the school year. This means:
There is no more tram 16.
The route of tram 17 is partly along the route of tram 16 and tram 17 from last school year.
Everyone can use tram 17 and tram 18, also you as a parent.
Tram 17 and tram 18 each serve all stops between Tullastraße and ESK, different to the previous school year, when each stop was served only by one of the school tram lines.
Pupils not registered to accompanying service are not related to the school nor transport association when they use the tram than any other passenger.
Dealing with misconduct in the tram is solely a matter of security services of KVV or the police.
Due to increased costs an additional fee of 100 € per year had to be introduced for bus users at the beginning of the school year 23/24.
The short answer is: financial reasons. The longer answer is: motivated by climate urgency governmental initiatives (federal and state) led to the introdcution of new public transport season tickets with very attractive prices (Deutschlandticket and JugendticketBW). This led to an increased deficit in public transport which mostly, but not entirely was covered on governmental levels, but parts remained with communities. Inflation and additional costs for new infrastructure (in Karlsruhe e.g. the tram tunnel) added to deficits. The city of Karlsruhe was faced with the task to compensate a deficit of near to 200 million Euro. Reducing school trams to Waldstadt from 3 to 2 was one of 300 measures in this programme. Operating busses got more expensive as well, but facing aforementioned deficits public subsidies did not grow in the same amount. We want to emphasize that without the introduction of JugendticketBW and given the general rate of inflation ScoolCard in 23/24 may have costed around 560 €. Hence, the introduction of JugendticketBW saves 200 € for each child using a tram or bus. As these costs are borne by the public purse and contribute to the deficit, they also contribute to the unwillingness of public funding to keep pace with cost increases. It is a bit speculative, but in the end we had to introduce the 100 euro extra fee for bus users because of the JugendticketBW, among other things. Still, 100 € savings stay with the families for each child.
For this wish, it is advantageous that trams 17 and 18 are now public. As now they stop at every stop between the Hauptfriedhof stop and Europäische Schule. Of these stops, the Fächerbad stop (see Google Maps) is particularly suitable for "Park and Ride" or "Kiss and Ride", as it is easily accessible by car and there are many parking spaces there. From there it is only 8 minutes by tram to the school and there are trams every 5 minutes in the morning to get to the school on time for the start of classes, namely:
  • At 7:32 Line 4
  • At 7:37 Line 17
  • At 7:42 Line 4
  • At 7:47 Line 18
  • (at 7:52 Line 4, arriving at the school only at 8:00)
  • In order to make a short stop and let an older school child off briefly, two more stops are suitable, which are marked on this map. Please remember that your child needs a valid ticket for such journeys.
With a short walk but without having to rely on a tram, there are two alternative stopping options in the vicinity of the school in Waldstadt and in Reitschulschlag with, however, very limited approach and stopping capacities.
Image sources: first:, second and third:
So-called „Schulwegpläne“ and „Schulradwegpläne“ have been created in recent years by some communities for some schools. The city of Karlsruhe has created „Schulwegpläne“ (i.e. walking) for all public elementary schools in Karlsruhe. ESK is not a public school, but the plan for Eichendorff-Schule in Waldstadt holds relevant information incl. accident hot spots for ESK as well, see here.
The city of Karlsruhe has released the KA Feedback App for this purpose (no emergencies, for emergencies call 110 for the police or 112 for fire fighters).
  • IF THERE IS ACCOMPANYING PERSON IN TRAM OR BUS: notify on the tram/bus WhatsApp group or directly call the helper on tram/bus
  • IF THERE IS NO ACCOMPANYING PERSON ON THE TRAM: prepare for this situation together with your child, see under „Getting started“.

  • Inform/ask the whatsapp group

  • For trams: check KVV website

  • Contact us via Whatsapp

  • Refer to latest NEWS on our website

  • Refer to the Latest NEWS on our website
  • Check on the KVV website:
  • Plan for alternatives:
    - If S2 is in service in such a situation it may be – age-dependent - an option for older children to go to stop Reitschulschlag and walk to school.
    -The road space in Europaviertel is used to capacity already on the mornings of normal school days. Therefore, if you decide to take your child to school by car, please share rides, and...
    -...please consider to take your child to a drop off location nearby instead of driving into Europaviertel.
As parents of children registered for accompanying service, please first inquire in the WhatsApp group or reach out to the security personnel.
If necessary, you can then contact the lost property office at
Zähringerstraße 65, Karlsruhe or by phone at 0721 6107-5885.

Please first inquire in the WhatsApp group, contact the bus driver, or reach out to the security personnel.
If necessary, you can then contact the lost property office at Ottostraße 8, 76227 Karlsruhe, by phone at 0721 56888788 or via email at

Yes, please come to our office and we will give you a signed and stamped permission. Don´t forget to buy a valid ticket (single, day etc) for you.  

Yes, your child needs a KiGa - ticket (necessary for any age!). First, please make online registration and transfer KiGa fee 100€ to our bank account. Second, please visit our office with SEPA-mandate (download debit authorisation), copy of 100€ bank transfer and a photo.
First, please update online registration form and transfer KiGa fee 100€ to our bank account. Second, please visit our office with SEPA-mandate (download debit authorisation), copy of 100€ bank transfer and a photo. Detailed info are here: 
First, please update online registration form. Second, please visit our office with SEPA-mandate (download debit authorisation), proper application form for Scoolcard and a photo.
All instructions are to be found here: 
No, Scoolcard is only for pupils (primary and secondary). Nursery has the same status as Kindergarten in Germany; the nursery children are not yet the pupils. Please use KiGa ticket for our school bus/tram and valid KVV ticket for public transport.
Please refer to your contract or get in touch with the HR department. 

Yes, you should. Please update online registration form and send us the new application, with photo and signature till May 30th.
All details are to be found here:​​​
Please follow registration steps in the registration section.

No need to send it every year. Just send one if you wish to change it.

Cancellation is possible by 30th May for the next school year.
After 30th of May cancellation is possible only if family leaves the school.

Firstly, please inform us. Secondly, inform KVV about cancellation of Jugendticket BW.
Please inform us and KVV ( about cancellation of JugendticketBW.
If you want to cancel after deadline, it is not longer possible to do so until the end of the school Year.
Please read details here: ​​​​