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The transports of the European School in Karlsruhe is an independent non-profit association.

The association organises:
  • School busses and trams
  • ScoolCards
  • Collect financial support from the city of Karlsruhe
  • All the administrative work
  • The children transport while going to swimming lessons
  • Acts as an interface to and works closely together with the town (Schul- und Sportamt Karlsruhe), the KVV and Südwestbus
  • Organise the accompanying persons for all the lines.
The use of the school buses is exclusively for the pupils of the ESKAR that are registered for the TRANSPORT SERVICE. As the school trams 17 and 18 are public trams they are open to everyone.

The transport committee is trying to help as much as possible around all issues and problems arising regarding transport, and it is the first contact for parents.

Once the child has entered the bus or the tram, there is in general no difference to any other occasion he/she might use public transport on its own.

We have organised accompanying persons on the buses and trams. But be aware that they are not always present. In practice, all pupils using the transport service are motivated to show solidarity, behave adequately and assist younger children in case they miss the right stop.

The transports of the European School in Karlsruhe is organised by an independent nonprofit association, Verwaltungsausschuß für den Schülertransport der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe e.V. (abbrev. Transportausschuss or TA), Albert Schweitzer Str.1, 76139 Karlsruhe, Amtsgericht Mannheim VR 101346.
If you want, you can download a copy of the statute.

This association is represented according to § 26 BGB by its president or vice president. The members of the committee are:
  • the parent association (min 3 seats)
  • the school (min 2 seats) 
  • JRC (min 2 seats)

  • The transport committee offers the opportunity to reach the school by school busses or trams, thanks to our partnership with the bus company and KVV. We have accompanying persons in the trams or busses to help pupils and if necessary they inform us on misbehaviour or irregularities.
  • Every child has to behave appropriately respecting everyone, not to harm anybody or cause damage. Pupils need to respect any instruction coming from the driver or by the accompanying person. In case of damages the family will be charged with the costs of the repair.
  • In case of misconduct:
    • We will clarify the situation
    • If needed, we will inform the pupil's family and the school
    • We could also give and official warning in extreme situations, we can exclude the pupil from our services for a certain period or completely

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