For ALL bus users (11,12,13,14) from Kindergarten to S7:

ONLY If you are entitled to price reduction  you need a stamp and signature to be put on KVV form. You can get them from primary or secondary secretary based on the grade your children is enrolled for.

The registration procedure to follow is here below:

1. Create a profile (if you register for the first time)  on https://esk.fritz-internet.de and accept our terms and conditions when logging in or just update your profile 

2. Fill in/Update all the required info. Some functions don't working properly with an Apple mobile device, so please use pc with Windows.

3. Download, print and sign the generated DEBIT AUTHORISATION FORM (SEPA mandate) for paying the YEARLY SERVICE FEE.  In case you have already registered last year and your bank account hasn't changed, please skip point 3 and 4. For details regarding this fee,  check the FEES page.

4. Send the SEPA signed form via email to finances@eskar-transport.de and to contact@eskar-transport.de

5. We recommend to join the WhatsApp group of your line. To do so, please send an email to contact@eskar-transport.de mentioning your name, the name of your child/en, his/her class,  the name of the bus stop and Whatsapp phone number.

6. In case you have a Facebook account we recommend to follow the KVV page for real time updates: https://www.facebook.com/KVV.Bewegtalle 

7. We strongly recommend, for primary pupils, to prepare a luggage label to fix on the backpack,  with:

  1. Name
  2. Parents mobile phone numbers
  3. Home Address
  4. Bus/Tram Stop


  • If you have some difficulties or need some support in creating profile, please consult the FAQs or contact us at contact@eskar-transport.de 
  • In case you want to cancel the service please refer to the dedicated CANCELLATION section.
    Can occasionally use the buses:
    ONLY with a valid KVV ticket to be bought from ticket machines (not in bus). For stay longer than one month REGISTRATION and PAYMENT of service fee (20€/month) is mandatory in case of bus use
    AFTER having informed us per email: contact@eskar-transport.de