1. Create a profile (if you register for the first time)  on https://esk.fritz-internet.de and accept our terms and conditions when logging in.

2. Fill in all the required info. Some functions don't working properly with an Apple mobile device, so please use pc with Windows.

3. Download, print and sign the generated DEBIT AUTHORISATION FORM (SEPA mandate) for paying the YEARLY SERVICE FEE.  

4. Send the SEPA signed form via email to finances@eskar-transport.de and to contact@eskar-transport.de 

5. After we have confirmed that minimum number of 5 registered children/lin has been reached, please Order the D-Ticket (Deutschland Ticket) on KVV website. See INFO here. 


  • Please take into account that children younger than 6 are not allowed to travel on public transport unaccompanied.
  • In case the registration steps are incomplete you child's name will not be forwarded to the accompanying person in charge for the line and you won't receive any confirmation from us.