28 Aug


Dear parents,           

we are pleased to inform you that, based on the new routes and timetable for the trams 17 and 18, we are able to provide escorts (S4-S7 Pupils) for a majority of time slots and stops.                       

All info about the escort tasks are to be found here:    https://www.eskar-transport.de/escort-tasks

For updated availability check here: https://www.eskar-transport.de/escort-tasks/escorts-availability

Please note that each escort will be assigned a specific list of children they are responsible for, and they will be required to report any delays or issues via WhatsApp. We are also working on organizing backup escorts.   In order to activate the service, we need you to confirm your registration for the escort service (KG-P5) under https://esk.fritz-internet.de/ by August 31st the latest.                             

Please consider that you should confirm only children needing service. If you have older children who don't need it they should be removed from your account.

Please be aware that we are unable to reduce the service fee of 100€/year if all slots are not fully covered (as we need to organize escorts for the remaining slots).                

Additionally, we regret to inform you that if we do not receive a minimum of 5 registrations per tram line, we will not be able to activate the escort service.                       

We hope we can start the service on first day school otherwise it will be the 11th September the latest.           We will update you by Friday 1st September                            

 We are still looking for escorts to fill the missing slots.  

If you, as a parent, are interested in serving as an escort on a specific tram line, please fill out the form at: https://forms.office.com/r/McK4ZVqyJk                           

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.           

With best regards,           

The transport Team