08 Sep

Dear parents, 

We hope you had great holidays and a good, smooth start into the new school year! We would like to highlight some news from our side: 

  • On Monday next week 13th September trams 16 and 17 are back to ordinary timetable: https://www.eskar-transport.de/services/ordinary-timetables                                                           
  • Our temporary office (shared with PA) is now on the 1st Floor Building B (Bau B) and it will be open for Transport service Wednesdays 12:00-15:00.

Please take an appointment before visiting us, click on the blue button “Book appointment” on the homepage and read carefully all info on the dedicated space, before visiting us: for first time registration visit: https://www.eskar-transport.de/services/first-time-registration for updating registration visit: https://www.eskar-transport.de/services/yearly-update-by-may-30th 

  • On our new website you will find two new useful sections:

WHAT IF?: What to do and who to contact in case of emergency: https://www.eskar-transport.de/services/what-if 

FAQs: https://www.eskar-transport.de/faq  

  • The ticket fee for kindergarten children has been adapted to the same amount as for the children in the elementary (100 € per school year). The Transport service fee of 35€ is to be paid in addition to the ticket fee.                                                                                                        
  • As mentioned on our website, we strongly recommend, for Kindergarden and primary pupils, to prepare a luggage label to fix on the backpack, with:


Parents mobile phone numbers 

Home Address 

Bus/Tram Stop •     

We are working on further improvements that we hope to share with you soon, and once more we encourage you to participate in the survey in order to help us improve the quality of the service. IMPORTANT!  We would really appreciated some more help from your side! if your child is using transport and you want to improve something, please contact us and join the Transport Committee. We will be very grateful to have your help. Remember to check regularly our webpage

Thank you for the good cooperation!

The transport committee board and team.