First time registration (Primary/Secondary)


In order to use the school transport service, parents need to register each child (from Kindergarten to last grade):

1. Create a profile inside our website and fill in all the information required. Some functions don't working properly with an Apple mobile device, so please use a computer.

2. Read our data protection declaration.

3. Download, print and sign the generated DEBIT AUTHORISATION FORM (SEPA mandate) for paying the SERVICE FEE. For details regarding this fee, please check the FEES page

4. Download the SCOOLCARD FORM sign it.

5. Send the two signed forms per post (see the address in the CONTACTS page) or return them to the security desk or mailbox in the administration building, together with an original photo of the child (write the name on the back of the photo, glue it on the form. Please don't use staples). KVV will send directly to you, via post, the plastic ScoolCard.

6. We recommend to join the WhatsApp group of your line.To do so, please text Elena via the Whatsapp number +49 15751705633 mentioning your name, the name of your child/en, his/her class, and the name of the tram/bus stop. 

We are happy to add the secondary school pupils into the Whatsapp group of their lines, if they want to. To do so we would need the parent to send to Elena ONLY via email ( ) the following details: name of the child, class, line and written consent to add the son/daughter to the WhatsApp group.

7. In case you have a Facebook account we recommend to follow the KVV page for real time updates: 

8. We strongly recommend, for primary pupils, to prepare a luggage label to fix on the backpack,  with:

  1. Name
  2. Parents mobile phone numbers
  3. Home Address
  4. Bus/Tram Stop


Instead of sending all documents per post you need to take an appointment on DOODLE and visit us (see the address in the CONTACTS page)


  • If you have some difficulties or need some support in creating profile, please consult the FAQs or don’t hesitate to contact us at 
  • In case you want to cancel the service please refer to the dedicated CANCELLATION section.
  • Guests pupils need to buy a normal KVV ticket for the tram or for the school bus. For more details please visit the FEES page.